Volume of sports betting could triple in the country after regulation

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The entry of online betting companies in Brazil is already boosting the amount of money invested in national sports, and not just football, but the amount could even triple in the next few years, according to the most optimistic estimates, as soon as official regulations come into force, including in states and municipalities.
The expectation is that the partnerships signed between clubs and bookmakers will lead to more than R$100 million being invested in Serie A of the Brasileirão alone. The activity was legalised at the end of 2018 and regulations are due by December 2022.
In 2018 alone, a total of R$7 billion was spent on betting on at least 30 sports and virtual casinos by Brazilian customers. More than 200 national and foreign bookmakers are operating in the Brazilian market, including the English bet365 and sportingbet and the growing 1xbet, all of which have a large global presence.
In the United States, the segment is set to reach more than US$ 17 billion in turnover as soon as it is legalised in all 50 states. Brazil is expected to follow the trend of major expansion in a short time.
There are various types of betting on many sports and casinos. The most common types are Single, Combined and Cross:
1 – Single: the customer bets their money on a single event and it’s as easy as betting on a team winning or losing. If the result matches the prediction, the person wins the bet and the profit corresponds to the result of multiplying the odds by the amount wagered.
2 – Combined: in this modality the customer makes two or more predictions in the same bet, without the events even being from the same sport. In order to win, all the predictions must coincide with the results of the events listed by the bookmaker’s client.
3 – Crosses: bookmakers act as mere intermediaries between users. It’s the punters who create the odds. They can also yield good profits for punters, but require good planning and strategy.
To start playing, you must be at least 18 years old. Registration is done on the site itself and there are more than one platform on which to carry out your operations. Through applications downloaded for free from the internet, you can play on your mobile phone wherever and whenever you want, without having to travel to a specific area, as used to be the case.
Companies such as bet365, 1xbet and sportingbet offer beginners a special promotion – the so-called welcome bonus – whereby you can double the value of your first bet up to a certain limit, which the world leader in the segment (bet365) is R$200. The minimum bet is R$15.
There are also promotions for birthdays, weekly bonuses and surprise opportunities and customers need to be very vigilant to take advantage of the opportunities that arise in order to qualify their guesses more and have a better chance of making a profit.
The biggest betting companies on the planet are officially licensed in more than one jurisdiction and have certificates of quality and fairness of operations in demanding places such as Gibraltar or the United Kingdom itself.
Returning to Brazil, many football clubs in the country’s top divisions have already signed partnerships with bookmakers. In 2021, only Palmeiras – financed mainly by Crefisa – didn’t have a sponsorship deal with a national or foreign bookmaker.
Who hasn’t seen a bookmaker advert before or during half-time of a football match? Such brands are also very common on signs located around the four lines of pitches all over Brazil.
If you don’t want to make a guess on a football match, you can rest assured that there are plenty of other possibilities for entertainment and profits in virtual betting. Sports such as volleyball, motor racing, basketball (including the millionaire NBA) and many others are included in the portfolio of sporting events offered by these companies, especially those that operate all over the world.
Bookmakers are also accepting bets on e-games tournaments, which are popular with young people all over the world. League of Legends and Fifa are just two of the games that attract the attention and passion of the modern world’s e-gamers.
The issue of security is much better addressed because of the high technology employed by the biggest bookmakers. These companies use sophisticated encryption systems that greatly protect the personal and bank details of their millions of users.
In the case of bet365, for example, SSL encryption is used, which has been proven to be secure and virtually proof against hackers and possible fraudsters. Checks are carried out constantly and any sign that someone is trying to pull a fast one will soon lead to them being removed from the betting company’s client portfolio. It’s safe and effective!
If you’re a beginner and have any doubts, don’t worry! The world’s leading casas have their websites translated into Portuguese and a support system that opens up more than one channel for contacting their employees.
As well as a 24-hour online chat, you can also ask questions or make complaints by e-mail or telephone. Generally speaking, the satisfaction rate recorded at the houses listed above is very high, with few users having anything to criticise about the bookmakers’ operations.
In one way or another, bookmakers are here to stay and there are already people earning more than R$5,000 a month from their online predictions. Remember that it’s also possible to bet in virtual casinos and experience the atmosphere of, for example, a game of roulette or a hand of poker. The atmosphere is very similar to that of a live casino, with lots of excitement and adrenaline!
In conclusion, and returning to football, clubs have realised that bookmakers are an important way of raising more money and improving their often shaky finances. It’s a win-win partnership. More info : espalhafactos.com

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