New mobile equipment technologies boost sports betting

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A few years ago they weren’t very common and didn’t offer so many innovations and possibilities for use, and anyone over the age of 40, for example, will remember that these small mobile devices, smartphones, seemed a bit like science fiction or something unattainable for Brazilians. Today, these small devices are everywhere and of all models, with ever-increasing applications and uses, including for making money. Betting via mobile phone, for example, is in evidence among national users. Winning money and having fun is an experience that’s just a few clicks away!

In addition, of course, to being a phone, these devices can also be used as a clock, stopwatch, recorder, camera and have internet access for Facebook, emails and websites. And it is precisely through this last possibility that the interested party can enter, register and already place their bet through a huge range of bookmakers operating in the so-called virtual world.
Bookmakers such as the world-renowned Bet365 and the equally well-regarded Betfair offer punters the option of placing bets not only on football but on many other sports, both well-known and not. The sophistication of the highly interactive sites and the promotions – such as the welcome bonus for beginners – also attract attention. And all from your own mobile phone! No need to sit in front of a PC or go to a special betting area like the ones we still see in some Brazilian cities for national turf bettors. Wherever and whenever you want, mobile phone in hand, a good internet connection and the experience begins!
Betting on the American NBA, the best basketball in the world, motor racing and even electronic games – the e-games that are already organised into national championships with large numbers of participants and high prize pools – are among the possibilities for betting via mobile phone.

In football, the user, who must be at least 18 years old to be accepted by the betting sites, can choose between national championships, European leagues, continental championships such as the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League in Europe and many others.
All this gives just a small idea of the fascinating world of Bet365 sports betting via a simple mobile device. If you’re really interested in security and ease of play, Bet365 and Betfair are among the best options. Both are regulated and certified by respected international institutions and guarantee an experience fit for fun and very rewarding winnings. Success! More:

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