Formula 1 betting attracts a legion of sports fans

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The engines have started for the first time in 2022 and the season of one of the most popular and exciting sports on the planet has begun: Formula 1. Every year, a legion of passionate fans follow with the utmost interest the many grand prix that put some drivers in the hall of fame with their powerful machines.
As well as raking in millions of dollars in advertising, tickets for the grand prix and other earning alternatives for this veritable money-making machine, Formula 1 also attracts many punters who place their bids through bookmakers that already operate all over the planet, including in the Brazilian market.
One of them is the world’s leading bookmaker, the British Bet365, with over 20 years of experience in the betting world and millions of customers. This bookmaker offers more than a thousand sporting events with almost infinite bidding possibilities over the internet, both from PCs and laptops and from simple mobile phones.
Among the sports bets offered by bookmakers like this one are, of course, those related to motor racing events, especially the million-selling Formula 1. The betting options are very diverse.
Customers can bet on who will be the champion driver this season, which team will win the constructors’ championship, the winners of the grand prix and much more. The great rivalry that exists between drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, for example, or between constructors like Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull or McLaren attracts the attention of millions of people around the world and, of course, bettors to the events in the bookmakers that operate in the internet world.
In the first race of the year, the winner was Monegasque Charles Leclerc, with Sainz Jr from Spain in second and mega-champion Lewis Hamilton in third. Last season’s winner, Max Verstappen, managed only a modest 19th place.
To bet on your favourite Formula 1 driver or team, you must be at least 18 years old. Once you’ve chosen a bookmaker to register with – which takes place on the company’s website with a few taps on a mobile phone screen – you’ll immediately receive a beginner’s bonus (Welcome), which is usually very advantageous at the main bookmakers.
On the site itself there are indications of the recent performance of drivers and teams and a sophisticated odds system that shows the user who the favourites and underdogs are for a given race. All the information is available in Portuguese, which of course makes life easier for Brazilian players.
The chances of success can be very good if you analyse your options carefully and place your bets strategically. Opting for an international bookmaker with a lot of experience in the market and proven safety criteria should be a priority for beginners.
In the case of Bet365, the British company has security and quality certificates in places as diverse and demanding as Gibraltar, the Bahamas and Great Britain itself. A very modern and efficient encryption system protects the data and valuables of millions of customers from hackers or scammers.
Anyway, the Formula 1 season has just begun and, as well as cheering on your favourite driver, there’s nothing like making money with sports betting. Excitement is running high on the tracks and in the bookmakers! More:

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