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E-games (electronic games) are among the big highlights in the portfolios of major bookmakers around the world. These companies offer more than a thousand events a day in 30 sports, many of them in this niche.
Bookmakers such as the British giants bet365 and sportingbet and the Russian 1xbet have many customers – especially younger ones – who are truly fanatical about e-games and many international competitions with dozens of participants have been held on a regular basis.
To register with a bookmaker, you must be over 18 years old. If this requirement is met, the prospective customer needs to register on the company’s own website. If you choose to play on a mobile device, you must download the bookmaker’s free web application. The mobile platform is very good, functional and easy to navigate even for beginners.
As soon as you join – after choosing the payment method for bets and withdrawals – you can request the welcome bonus to qualify your initial bet, which must be at least R$15. The opening bet can be doubled up to a certain limit, which at bet365 is R$200.
Among the games offered by the world’s leading bookmakers are, for example, Ancient Gods, Mega Fireblaze Roulette, Quantum Blackjack, Valey of the Phoenix, Madam WIsdom, Live Baccarat and Live Roulette, but there are certainly many others to suit all customers’ tastes!
Payment methods include bank slips, credit cards, e-currencies and more. Whenever possible, the bookmaker uses the same system for receiving deposits to pay out successful bets.
The Brazilian market saw a turnover of around R$7 billion in internet betting in 2019, just one year after the National Congress approved the legalisation of the activity in our country. At least 200 betting companies are already fiercely competing for customers, but the best thing for beginners is to always opt for a company that is active all over the world, has been in business for a long time and has licensing and security certificates issued in more than one jurisdiction, as is the case with the companies listed in this article.
In addition to electronic games, these companies offer the possibility of betting on sports such as the ever-popular football, tennis, volleyball and many others. The bookmakers work with an intelligent odds system that lets users know who the favourites or underdogs are for a given event. This works in much the same way as stock exchanges around the world
After regulation, which is expected by the end of this year, it is estimated that the volume of sports bets placed by Brazilian customers could even triple in the short term. In the United States, which has not yet been approved in all 50 states, around $17 billion is already raised annually from this activity and Brazil is expected to follow in the Americans’ footsteps.
Many sports organisations around the world, including in Brazil, are already sponsored by bookmakers. Sports materials, stadium signs, TV and internet adverts – in different ways, these companies are already getting their teeth into the world of sports. Electronic games, of course, are not left out either, with funding and advertising in competitions involving many participants in different countries.
Below is a step-by-step guide for those who are thinking of starting to bet online and have a better chance of success. Always remember that everything must be done responsibly, strategically and with research into the subject.
1 – Only people over the age of 18 can play.
2 – Bookmakers only accept one application per family group and do not make exceptions
3 – Research the bookmakers. Favour international companies with more time on the market.
4 – Check that the company is licensed to operate in more than one country and has security and quality certificates.
5 – Find out about the data protection encryption systems used by bookmakers. The most modern is SSL, which is used by the companies listed above
6 – Register on the operator’s own website. Of course, companies with websites available in Portuguese should be a priority.
7 – If you want to play via mobile phone, download the app from the internet for free. The apps from the above companies are easy to navigate, very practical and tasteful.
8 – Also research the live streaming offered by a company and the number of daily events offered to punters. The biggest bookmakers offer their customers more than a thousand events a day with around 30 sports – including e-games – and casino games.
9 – After registering, in which the user’s preferred deposit and withdrawal method must be indicated, request the welcome bonus. In the case of bet365, the company offers up to double the initial bet up to R$200.
10 – Consult the company’s odds system to find out which teams or participants are considered favourites for a particular event. This helps to increase the chance of success in the first bets, which according to the more experienced should preferably be more “conservative”.
11 – At least at the beginning, choose to bet little on more than one event and not too much on just one. The minimum bet in most bookmakers is R$15 in Brazil, a very reasonable amount for a beginner.
12 – See online betting as a fun and potentially lucrative hobby, but one that obviously involves risks and requires strategy and common sense.
13 – Tell at least one person in your family about your bets and ask them to help you keep a close eye on the volume of your bids on the internet. According to the bookmakers themselves, this is important to prevent customers from becoming addicted to online bidding.
14 – Don’t get too carried away with a few initial successes and don’t despair if you lose the first few times. Stick with it and try again – sensibly – later.

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